Amazon’s new series ‘NFTMe’ explores NFT culture and disruption worldwide

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The ability to digitally authenticate almost everything and monetize it in ways no one could have imagined before. These are some of the ways in which the documentary series “NFTMe” introduces non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The show features artists, collectors and professionals from around the world sharing their experiences with NFTs and how the intersection of art and technology has positively impacted their daily lives.

In six episodes of 30 minutes each, NFTMe introduces 50 pioneers in NFT space from four continents, including American singer Susie Green (The Supremes), Rani Diambi (Queen of the Democratic Republic of Congo), Digital Artist of SpaceX & Nasa Refik. Anatole, Madonna’s music producer, has teamed up with Peter Rafelson and Cheryl Douglas of Portion to release NFT collections for Black-Eyed Peas.

The first episode explores different people’s journeys through the NFT community and digital culture, leading influencers break down NFTs and blockchain technology, and Queen Diambi of the Congo tells how her tribe has a Web3 mentality. The second episode digs into how Refik Anatole creates art with NASA and how Eminem’s request led to an NFT trip 20 years ago.

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The following chapters explore how brands are connecting with NFTs to explore new audiences and generations, the social impact of digital transformation, tokenization in the music industry, the metaverse disruption, and the role of NFTs in recognizing and giving artists a voice.

Behind the documentary series is filmmaker Tech Talk Media and award-winning director Johnny Caplan. Production began in 2019 and had to be rescheduled due to Covid-19 restrictions, TechTalk noted, “sending AI robots equipped with Li-Dar sensors to enable the operator to move, operate and communicate remotely.” The official announcement, further stated:

“NFTMe aspires to be the MTV of NFTs, providing a default source of information about NFTs in a clear, understandable and useful way, enabling viewers to absorb the terminology, diversity and opportunities in the Web3.0 realm, while enjoying the culture, mood, style and energy.”

NFTMe is streaming on Amazon Prime and initially aired in the United States and United Kingdom. According to Tech Talk, the series will roll out to more broadcasters worldwide in 2023.



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