Joe “Flood” Rossi won the National FEMA Award

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Joe Flood Insurance Brokerage, Inc. Joe “Flood” Rossi, CEO and President and Executive Director of the Massachusetts Coastal Coalition, was recently named a 2020 award winner of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Outstanding Community Rating System (CRS) Award. Agency (FEMA). This national award recognizes Joe for his many contributions to floodplain management and CRS.

Joe “Flood” Rossi

In a recent letter to Rachel E. Sears, director of FEMA’s Division of Floodplain Management, the CRS Award recognizes those who have actively advanced the vision of NFIP and CRS and who have clearly made efforts to improve floodplains. Safety and resilience in their community… The CRS Task Force believes you represent the essence of CRS excellence. Your knowledge, dedication and passion for the CRS program is what made Marshfield [MA] Safer, better made, and more resilient.” Joe was awarded by FEMA.

Joe remarked, “This award is like a lifetime achievement award for me. I could not have done this alone and I accept this award along with everyone who has helped me get to where I am today.

The CRS Award of Excellence is presented annually by FEMA to an individual who has taken the lead in raising awareness of the dangers of flooding, implementing flood management programs that reduce flood damage, and promoting the purchase of flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program. NFIP).

The Community Rating System is a program within the NFIP that provides flood insurance premium reductions to NFIP policyholders for performing activities that exceed minimum NFIP requirements.

Source: Joe Flood Insurance Brokerage, Inc.

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