7 hot little hats & a new hidden gem

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Hello guys and girls. If you want to invite friends and family to join us, send this email. I appreciate your help building our community.

So myWith the buffalo bills gone (cry), I no longer focused 100% on small-caps, instead, I dialed in 110% on small-caps ha. Let’s go!

As always, we’ll start with Monday morning Lightning strike from 7-9A ET. Join the live stream here. Lightning strike We’re trying to figure it out before the small-cap explosion that erupts on Monday.

If you’re new, check out these live recaps:

  • AMAM Lightning Strike (03:17)

  • Lucy Lightning Strike (09:28)

  • CRKN Lightning Strike (03:01)

Many busy professionals experience this Lightning strike Business because it takes place before the working day. Lightning strike Annual value is $799 and includes Lightning warnings.


3 books I teach

Monday Lightning List:

lanv, TMPOAnd JFU is breakdowns Looking to start the week. I like TMPO from $1.80 because it has a big range up to $4. JFU is low volume, but the $8 to $10 range is hard to ignore as volume picked up last weekend.

ask, GNS, COSMAnd Tour is breakdowns I’ll see you Monday morning. GNS is my favorite to start the week only if it can hold a 50% retracement, otherwise I think it will go back to $1. COSM is at the top of my list and is fine for a break on Monday morning, although it may have stretched too far on Friday.

Swing trading Lightning warnings Text (RagingBull APP) and email to subscribers in real time just before I buy/sell.

Lightning Warnings Portfolio:

Full transparency. I stream my real money portfolio live in the chat room for subscribers from 4A-8P ET.

I have been using ORIC, PHVS, SMMT, BBAI and the long time hidden gem LQMT this week. Stop loss management is based on technical analysis. The target always swings between 10-20% range and 50-100% hidden stones.

New hidden gem:

I will have a new hidden gem stock Premium subscribers In the morning. I have identified a low float cash flow positive nano cap with fast growth and strong guidance. The range of significant potential resistance is 100-200%. In my view, it checks all the boxes for a hidden gem. Of course, nothing is promised – trading is inherently risky. And it takes skill to discern what is a great opportunity and what is junk

Hidden Gems is priced at $999/year and includes Lightning warnings.

Save 70% On lightning warnings $1,999 $599 1-yr Sales or 80% $799 2-yr.


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